Urban Eco Harakeke 精華素
Urban Eco Harakeke Essence
Urban Eco Harakeke 精華素

容量 : 50 ml


比蘆薈更補濕, 同時紓緩肌膚的新西蘭亞麻(Harakeke)精華將水份傳送至肌膚各處. Ecocert認証金盞菊精華及麥蘆卡蜂蜜保持肌膚水潤至極, 更有抗菌抗炎功效.

絲質精華素配方讓肌膚感受非凡的深層滋潤及幼滑如絲的質感. 形成保水層鎖住水份, 保持肌膚水潤柔滑, BB―般的肌膚

使用方法 :
用完Toner護理後, 將適當的份量,輕柔地搽上皮膚,輕拍可有助吸引.

Urban Eco Harakeke Essence

Capacity : 50 ml

Paraben-free, artificial colorant-free, mineral oil-free, animal ingredient-free & benzophenon-free.

With even better moisturizing and soothing ability than Aloe Vera, Harakeke extract delivers moisture and water to dry skin and retains water along the skin crevices. Ecocert Calendula flower water and bountiful nutrition of Manuka honey keep skin moisture to its maximum level. Moreover, these indigenous ingredients are famous of its anti-biotic and anti-inflammation nature.

Silky essence type formula that gives extraordinary experience of in-depth moisture and sliky texture . Water layer protects skin from dryness and keeps it smooth and baby soft.

After toner, apply an appropriate amount to the skin, pat gently would ease better absorption.